Sunday, 13 June 2010

'The People behind the Quantum'

'This is the book about the early days of quantum theory,' writes Professor Chris Clarke in a review for the Scientific and Medical Network.

 'It is an engrossing read because as each character enters the scene they are introduced with a careful biographical sketch, so that we can identify with them and share their personal grappling with the ideas as they unfold.'

He concludes that 'the book is unequalled as an exposition of the personalities and ideas on which quantum theory is founded'.

Read the entire article here.   

'Quantum story leaps off the page'

This was the title of a review of Quantum by Gordon Miller in Physics Education. Published last year, I was sent a copy of the review recently - it's only available online to subscribers, so here's an extract:


'Most of the book reads almost like a thriller, with clues and evidence appearing, and the ‘physics detectives’ gradually unravelling the plot. The author masterfully builds up the tension, making the book a real page turner because you want to find out how the next piece of the jigsaw fits into place…. What really makes this book stand out from the crowd for me is the biographical detail and the way that the physicists and their work are placed in the wider historical context. This really helps to bring the individual characters and what they were doing to life…. I can certainly see myself returning to read individual chapters at frequent intervals in the future.'  

Friday, 11 June 2010

German edition of Quantum

I’d like to thank the team at Berlin Verlag behind this wonderful edition of Quantum, but especially Ludger Ikas and my German voice, translator Hainer Kober. 

Italian edition of Quantum

My thanks to everyone at Arnoldo Mondadori  responsible for this lovely edition of Quantum, but especially Tullio Cannillo for translating my English into elegant Italian. 

American edition of Quantum

This is the front cover of Quantum published by Norton in the USA and Canada on May 24. Thanks to all those involved in its production, but especially to Angela Vonderlippe, Laura Romain, Winfrida Mbewe and Erica Stern. Thanks also to Zoe Pagnamenta, my American agent, who together with Peter Tallack, found Quantum a home in the US. Lastly, I'd like to thank Simon Flynn of Icon Books, who helped this and other editions of the book by responding to requests from my other publishers for elements, such the line drawings, first produced for the UK version of Quantum.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Manjit Kumar at the Earl's Court Festival

Manjit Kumar will be speaking about Quantum at the Earl's Court Literary Festival on July 20th at 8pm. Tickets are only £5 - more information here.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Quantum - one of Richard Holmes' favourite science books

The Times ran an article this Saturday in which a number of leading scientists and science authors were asked to pick their favourite science book.

Richard Holmes, whose The Age of Wonder was shortlisted alongside Quantum for last year's BBC Samuel Johnson Prize, selects Manjit Kumar's book as one of his.

Read the full piece here.