Monday, 9 February 2009

Quantum - more Amazon reader reviews

Matthew Burns from Dover has this to say about Quantum on the book's Amazon page:

'I really enjoyed reading this book!
Excellent, interesting, story and subject.

I thought Kumar put it across in a very entertaining way, I did not get all of the minutia of the physics but that did not matter, I especially enjoyed the suspense and his sense of humour. I also enjoyed the way the story wove characters and events together, all the way through I was kept interested, he knows how to tell a story.

I got alot out of the information in the book; it filled in gaps for me in my knowledge about the subject as well as providing a really interesting back drop to the stuff I'd done at school. (I liked science till I got to the 6th Form.) The book worked on many different levels, as a history I became aware that there were quite often unintended results or consequences from experiments or ideas, some times others taking up something someone else had accidently stumbled across and looking at it in a new way, I liked that, I found it thought provoking.

This gave me an interesting insight in to the whole unfolding understanding of the science as it happened in time, this was one of the main areas focused on. Another aspect, the personalities and how they interacted what they got up to I enjoyed hearing about their interests and how they lived. 'Painting a picture' of the scientists as people really worked for me. '