Friday, 29 January 2010

Quantum reviewed on

A reader called Raghu had some very complimentary things to say about Quantum on book lover's site recently:

'Manjit Kumar's book is a fascinating history of one of the most fundamental areas of science. Just as the title says, it is a history of the great debate about the nature of reality with Einstein and Niels Bohr leading the opposing views. Quantum Mechanics has always been a fascinating subject for me, mainly because I could never hope to understand it enough, however much time I spent on it. This brilliant work takes you through the history of the ideas behind quantum mechanics from the late 19th century all the way till the latter half of 20th century. ...The book is lucid and delightfully accessible in spite of the difficult subject matter. I enjoyed reading it immensely. In many ways, it is like a thriller... I would recommend it strongly to anyone interested in popular science in general and Quantum Mechanics in particular.'

The full piece is here.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Quantum - one of Colin Tudge's best books of the Noughties

Zoologist and science writer Colin Tudge puts Quantum at the top of his list of the best books of the last decade, in a piece for the Blackwell's website:

'I have hugely admired Manjit Kumar's Quantum, truly getting to grips with the debates of Einstein and Bohr and their predecessors and disciples - showing with brilliant clarity that modern physics is even more intricate than most of us suppose it to be, and leads us, as great science invariably does, to uncertainty - which we just have to live with.'

See the full piece here.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Quantum customer review on

Waterstones customer 'Gerry' has this to say about Manjit's book:

'A must for budding physicists'

'I wish this book had been available when I was studying Physics. It provides a magnificent overview of the birth and development of the quantum age, as well as an insight into the personalities of the key contributors. It is well researched and just as importantly is a good read, impossible to put down, races along like a mystery novel, and inludes some poignant black and white photos of the most famous names in 20th century Physics. Should be on the compulsory reading list for Physics students in every university.'

The reviewing features on Waterstones page for the book here.

More blog praise for Quantum

Blogger PJP has some good things to say about Quantum on their site:

'Quantum is an excellent read. Being a fiction lover, I rarely come across some non-fiction that is so nicely written & interesting cover-to-cover.'

Read the whole entry here.