Sunday, 13 June 2010

'Quantum story leaps off the page'

This was the title of a review of Quantum by Gordon Miller in Physics Education. Published last year, I was sent a copy of the review recently - it's only available online to subscribers, so here's an extract:


'Most of the book reads almost like a thriller, with clues and evidence appearing, and the ‘physics detectives’ gradually unravelling the plot. The author masterfully builds up the tension, making the book a real page turner because you want to find out how the next piece of the jigsaw fits into place…. What really makes this book stand out from the crowd for me is the biographical detail and the way that the physicists and their work are placed in the wider historical context. This really helps to bring the individual characters and what they were doing to life…. I can certainly see myself returning to read individual chapters at frequent intervals in the future.'  

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