Sunday, 13 June 2010

'The People behind the Quantum'

'This is the book about the early days of quantum theory,' writes Professor Chris Clarke in a review for the Scientific and Medical Network.

 'It is an engrossing read because as each character enters the scene they are introduced with a careful biographical sketch, so that we can identify with them and share their personal grappling with the ideas as they unfold.'

He concludes that 'the book is unequalled as an exposition of the personalities and ideas on which quantum theory is founded'.

Read the entire article here.   

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  1. On the nature of reality, a verification:

    The concept that "acausal connections" exist in the space-time
    continuum, was advanced by Professor W. Pauli, Nobel laureate-
    physics, (1945)....

    Based on details forwarded to the research group PEAR, Princeton
    University, a first scientific verification of this principle has been
    obtained. Basically this means that an aspect of "mind" does
    transcend space and time, i.e., precognition.

    One of the main conclusions is an expected supernova explosion
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