Monday, 1 March 2010

Quantum reviewed in Publishers Weekly

In advance of the publication by Norton of the American edition of Manjit Kumar's book, Publisher's Weekly have this great review on their site.

'With vigor and elegance, Kumar describes the “clash of titans” that took place in the world of physics in the early 20th century ... Kumar, founding editor of Prometheus and a consulting science editor for Wired UK, recounts this meaty, dense, exciting story, filled with vivid characters and sharp insights. With physics undergoing another revolution today, Kumar reminds us of a time when science turned the universe upside down.'


  1. I haven't read your book yet but I've been reading the customer reviews on amazon. I'm so happy to see this still-important debate made current once again.

    Do you know, there are a lot of recent developments implying (I believe) Einstein may be right after all. See Christian, De Luca, Barut/Zhongi, Hestenes, Raju, and others. I am collecting links to these on a blog page (that looks a lot like yours, coincidentally) for easy reference, along with a few thoughts of my own. It has too few hits to register yet, though. Please help. The matter is not settled!